GVSHP Slams Gansevoort Plan in letter to LPC

The Greenwich Village Society For Historic Preservation has sent a letter to the Landmarks Preservation Commission strongly urging that they reject the proposal from Aurora Capital to build a massive mall development on landmarked Ganseoort Street. We couldn’t say it better ourselves:

The current plan, which would involve the demolition of two buildings on Gansevoort Street, the construction of two new buildings, one at the corner of Washington and Gansevoort Street reaching approximately 120 feet in height, and the addition of four stories on top of the iconic row of two story market buildings at 60-68 Gansevoort Street, runs completely contrary to the entire purpose of the designation of the Gansevoort Market Historic District, and would destroy many of the very features the district is intended to celebrate and preserve. As the organization which originally proposed and, along with many others, fought for the designation of this district, we would find the approval of this plan or any plan which includes these basic components a tragic and devastating blow not only to the Gansevoort Market Historic District, but to landmark designation and historic preservation in New York City.
Gansevoort Street forms the heart of the Gansevoort Market Historic District, and its cobblestoned street surrounded by low-scaled market buildings encapsulates exactly what is so unique, visually pleasing, and historically significant about the Meatpacking District. This proposal would erase many of these key elements and features. Transforming the row of two-story market buildings at 60-68 Gansevoort Street into a six-story building merged with a new, adjoining 8-story, 120 foot tall structure would completely change the scale and feel of this block which serves as a gateway for thousands of people each day to and from the Meatpacking District, the rest of the West Village, the High Line, the Whitney Museum, and the Hudson River Park.

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