Video of LPC Hearing on Massive Gansevoort Project

Video of the November 10 Landmarks Preservation Commission hearing on the proposed massive Gansevoort development is now available online!

The Gansevoort hearing starts at about 6 hours 15 minutes; comments by elected officials start at 7 hours 7 minutes, and comments by the public start at about 7 hours 18 minutes.

The LPC will next hold a public meeting at which the Commissioners will question the developer, ask him to respond to the public comments, and then most likely ask the developer to make revisions to the proposal.  Whether those requested revisions will be significant is the big question!   The public will be able to attend (but not speak at) this meeting, which will be held in January; we hear it may be on January 12th.  We will need a good turnout at this meeting to remind the Commissioners how strongly the community opposes this massive development.

More photos and a full report from the hearing are here.

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