Save Gansevoort Market Historic District: Stop the Massive Building Plan!

Dear LPC Chair Srinivasan, Mayor de Blasio, Borough President Brewer, and Councilmember Johnson,

A developer is proposing to build two massive buildings on landmarked Gansevoort Street in the Gansevoort Market Historic District. One is an eight-story, 120-FOOT-TALL STRUCTURE to be built at Gansevoort & Washington Streets. A second six-story, 98-FOOT-TALL BUILDING is being planned just to the east. This massive development will dwarf the remaining buildings on this block.

This proposed project threatens the unique character of Gansevoort Street, its historic streetscape, low buildings and market-style architecture. These are the very values that were embodied in the Landmark Preservation Commission’s 2003 decision to landmark the Gansevoort Market Historic District, also known as the Meatpacking District.

In addition, these sites are governed by a restrictive declaration (RD-94) that prohibits office use on this site. The developer will be applying to amend this declaration to allow office use. The community is asking that any attempt to amend the restrictive declaration be rejected. If the developers cannot get office usage they may have to re-think their plan.

The undersigned:

  1. STRONGLY URGES THAT THE NYC LANDMARKS PRESERVATION COMMISSION OPPOSE THIS PROJECT. It will destroy the very qualities that the 2003 Historic District designation was intended to preserve in this area. We ask our elected officials – Councilmember Corey Johnson, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, State Senator Brad Hoylman and Assemblymember Deborah Glick – to prevail upon the Landmarks Preservation Commission and Mayor de Blasio to prevent destructive changes to Gansevoort Street and the Gansevoort Market Historic District.

  2. ​INSISTS THAT THE RESTRICTION ON OFFICE USE NOT BE CHANGED.​​ We ask Corey Johnson, our city council person, to insure this. We ask our other elected officials Gale Brewer, Brad Hoylman, and Deborah Glick to stand behind Corey in insisting that RD-94 remain unchanged.


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1. TELL THE NYC LANDMARKS PRESERVATION COMMISSION TO OPPOSE THIS PROJECT.  It will destroy the very qualities that the 2003  Historic District designation was intended to preserve in this area. We ask our elected officials – Councilmember Corey Johnson, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, State Senator Brad Hoylman and Assemblymember Deborah Glick – to prevail upon the Landmarks  Preservation Commission and Mayor de Blasio to prevent destructive  changes to Gansevoort Street and the Gansevoort Market Historic District.

2. ​INSIST THAT THE RESTRICTION ON OFFICE USE NOT BE CHANGED.​  We ask Corey Johnson, our city council person, to insure this.  We ask our other elected officials Gale Brewer, Brad Hoylman, and Deborah Glick to stand behind Corey in insisting that RD-94 remain unchanged.

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17 thoughts on “Petition

  1. In 2003 , the community worked so hard to get the Gansevoort Historic District landmarked. We must not see our efforts undone by out of scale development!

  2. This block of Gansevoort Street is completely low-rise – that’s one of the things that makes it unique. Let’s protect the character of the Gansevoort Market Historic District, and stop these out-of-scale towers!

  3. Hoping our neighbors will get behind Save Gansevoort, sign this petition, leave comments, come to meetings, get involved. Together we will Save Gansevoort’s Low buildings and historical charm.

  4. Please preserve the low-rise character of the meatpacking district! If we fill it with impersonal towers like other ruined districts of Manhattan its charm and its value will be lost. PLEASE SAVE GANSEVOORT!

  5. Corey Johnson must stand with us at the city council. We , as the community he represents, are counting on him to uphold the restrictive declaration that forbids office use. He must also defend the low rise scale that we fought so hard for in 2003.

  6. My late father was an artist who specialized in chronicling in the 1920’s through the 1950’s , historical neighborhoods and buildings at risk due to “progress”. Were he still alive, he would rush with his sketch pad to Gansevoort Street, particularly because of the aesthetic value of that block as a work of art in itself. It is surrounded now by many enough “towers” in the Meat Packing District, and deserves to be preserved as historical wonder. The block cannot be used for “affordable housing” so any plan to do anything more than restoring the buildings has little advantage to the city, so please, at least in this case, leave them alone!

  7. I’ve lived in this once charming area 43 year. Now it’s turning into the upper east side!. These developers
    Don’t’ give a rats as-a about Destroying our neighborhood!! It’s all about GREED!!!They think they can “smirk”their way to victory. Well, not so fast! We will fight this destruction till the victory is ours!!!

  8. Gee, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to have our own Walmart. (Or, maybe it will be “Wallmarc” if Marc Jacobs gets in on it. Then he could have his way with Gansevoort as he did with Bleecker.) Who ARE the proposed residents of this monster?

  9. Gansevoort Market Historic District is a distinctive example of American preservation history. At a time of heart wrenching disregard for New York’s architectural past, we entreat that a unique block of Manhattan’s urban history be saved.

  10. Aside from preserving the character and beauty of the district, this effort is important for logistical reasons as well. This neighborhood’s infrastructure simply cannot handle additional density on this scale.

  11. This is absolute garbage. Rich developers are taking all of NYC away for their own bank accounts destroying lives and culture everywhere. It is a War on New York. Now they are coming for the landmarks?? Stop the madness! Keep their filthy vulture claws away! UNTHINKABLE

  12. By developing Gansevoort Street, Aurora and Gottlieb destroy not only a historic
    site, but also the very reason why they want to ‘develop’ it in the first place: Gansevoort Street has become a prime location because of its historic nature. That will be gone
    when it is developed into something contemporary, that architecturally most likely
    will be monstrous and ugly. Who wants to live there, or go there after its completion?

  13. This is one more attack on the neighborhoods of New York city. Stop this aggression before we have nothing but high rises and no more sunlight on our streets. It’s already well underway in Midtown.

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