New York Landmarks Conservancy Opposes Massive Gansevoort Development Plan


The New York Landmarks Conservancy, one of New York’s foremost city-wide preservation organizations,  has announced its opposition to the proposed massive Gansevoort Street development!

The project seeks to alter [Gansevoort] Street’s historic character beyond recognition.  The new, much taller buildings are entirely different from the historic buildings that line the street today and that are described in detail in the Gansevoort Market Designation Report.  The proposed buildings are not appropriate in terms of their scale and design.  Their facades have a modern residential character that is incompatible with the street.  While the redesign of the historic ground floor facades raises its own issues, the Conservancy’s chief objection is to the new buildings which would erase the character-defining scale of the block and substitute it with a group of modern apartment buildings that are inappropriate to the historic character of the Gansevoort Market Historic District in terms of their scale and design.

Read the entire statement here.

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