Aurora and Gottlieb Creating “Intentional Blight” on Gansevoort Street?

Aurora principal Jared Epstein caused an uproar last August when he fallaciously described Gansevoort Street as “blighted“.  Now, Aurora Capital and Gottlieb Real Estate, the developers of the proposed massive Gansevoort project, seem to be doing their best to make that description a reality.  

Macellaria, the Italian restaurant at 48 Gansevoort Street much beloved in the community, has just been forced to close.  Macellaria actually wanted to remain in their location as long as possible, and asked to stay open on a month-by-month lease.  Despite the fact that this would have enabled the developers to continue to generate income from this property and it will be many months – at a minimum –  before any construction can begin, Aurora and Gottlieb said “No.” They gave Macellaria no option except to close. 

Rapha Racing at 64 Gansevoort Street is about to close because they lost their lease, and Sugar Factory at 46 Gansevoort St. has been vacant for several months.  The Gansevoort  Market at 52 Gansevoort St.  is currently thriving, but we’ve been told that Aurora/Gottlieb plans to evict them as soon as their lease expires.

We recently heard that the developers are conducting a telephone “push poll” encouraging community residents to support their project on the grounds that these landmarked buildings are in bad shape..  It appears that Aurora and Gottlieb are now going out of their way to make the block look as decrepit as possible – even if  it means they have to lose income  – in order to make it  easier for them to argue that this historic block is not worth preserving.

Macelleraria, 48 Gansevoort Street:

Rapha Racing at 64 Gansevoort Street:

The Gansevoort Market, 52 Gansevoort Street.  Now a thriving success,  however Aurora/Gottlieb plans to evict them as soon as their lease expires:Market1


Sugar Factory at 46 Gansevoort St, now closed for several months:

But there’s hope!  Someone posted this sign on the Sugar Factory door:

6 thoughts on “Aurora and Gottlieb Creating “Intentional Blight” on Gansevoort Street?

  1. While the market is thriving, the land under the buildings is more valuable. The developers can hold out for months without any rental income because they have deep pockets.

    1. It is outrageous and ought to be illegal that Aurora/Gottlieb is creating a false “blight” here in hopes of overturning landmarks designation. Forcing successful businesses to close in order to seize their buildings–isn’t there some sort of law against this? Anything with more teeth than the moral law?

  2. I used to recognize, and live in this historic area. It now resembles a large hotel and
    bar complex complete w/ outdoor high end designer shops. Sound like a dream come
    true? Only for the 1% and Wannabes

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