DOB records showing 50-55′ Tenement Heights on Gansevoort Street

We strongly disagree with the Landmark Preservation Commission’s decision to arbitrarily reach back to an earlier stage in the Gansevoort Market district’s history to justify replacing existing low-rise market buildings with massive new construction.  Nonetheless, if the rationale is to return Gansevoort Street to its earlier configuration when it was  lined with tenements, then the new buildings at 60-68 and 74 Gansevoort must conform to the size of their tenement predecessors. 

We have found 30 Department of Buildings records stating that the heights of the previously existing tenements at 70-74 Gansevoort, 60-68 Gansevoort, and 54-56 Gansevoort Street were between 50 and 55 feet tall.   The two proposed new buildings are both significantly greater than this height.

Click on each record to enlarge it.  Note that old photos and the developer’s own diagrams show that the tenements at these addresses were all approximately the same height.

DOB New Buildings records for 70-74 and 60-68 Gansevoort:DOB NB626and627

DOB records for 70-74 Gansevoort:

MunicipalArchives18MunicipalArchives20MunicipalArchives16 MunicipalArchives27MunicipalArchives19MunicipalArchives17

DOB Records for 60-68 Gansevoort Street:ALT2245smallALT2246smallMunicipalArchives01 MunicipalArchives26a MunicipalArchives25 MunicipalArchives24 MunicipalArchives15 MunicipalArchives14 MunicipalArchives13 MunicipalArchives12 MunicipalArchives10 MunicipalArchives09 MunicipalArchives08 MunicipalArchives07 MunicipalArchives06 MunicipalArchives05 MunicipalArchives04 MunicipalArchives03 MunicipalArchives02

DOB records for 54-56 Gansevoort Street:MunicipalArchives21 MunicipalArchives22MunicipalArchives23