Appellate Court Decision and a New Appeal

photo: UpstateNYer
photo: UpstateNYer

We have some unfortunate news:  the appellate court has rejected our appeal of the lower court decision upholding the Landmark Preservation Commission’s approval of the massive Gansevoort development project.  The appellate court’s written decision was very disappointing, and failed to address the many specific points which we raised arguing that LPC’s approval of the project violated Landmarks law.

Because our case has the potential to set important precedents that could strengthen landmark protections across the city, we have received support to file a new appeal to the highest court in New York State, the Court of Appeals.

Our lawyer, Michael Hiller, has filed a motion requesting that the Court of Appeals hear our case, and the court has granted an interim stay prohibiting construction while they consider whether or not to accept our appeal. So, for the moment, exterior alteration or demolition at 60-68 and 70-74 Gansevoort continues to be halted.

We’ll let you know as soon as there is further news from the court.  Stay tuned!

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