Assemblymember Glick Opposes Gansevoort Development Plan

066_hdrhsOur State Assemblymember Deborah Glick has written a powerful letter to the Landmarks Preservation Commission opposing Aurora Capital’s proposed massive development on Gansevoort Street:

The plan includes the demolition of two landmarked buildings on that block and a staggering increase in height from the original two story buildings to new construction that is approximately 120 feet. This drastic increase in height and the removal of two buildings along the block that bears the historic district’s namesake is unnecessary and reprehensible over-development in a neighborhood we have fought hard to preserve. 
When the Gansevoort Market Historic District was created in 2003, the aim was to ensure that the unique history of meatpacking industry, and advancements in manufacturing technologies had on this section of New York City were preserved for future generations. Substantial changes to the streetscape and feel of these iconic buildings would negate the purpose of the Gansevoort Market Historic District, and completely fail to ensure the buildings’ nature is preserved. In a recent meeting, the architects for the project made the argument that the proposed height of the new buildings would be more in line with the original building heights seen in the 19th Century.

Read the entire letter here.  Thank you Deborah!

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